In a sticky and sweaty club, I am drowning in energy which is not willing to stop. Suddenly the music transforms to dulcet and deep silence. Some discreet melody delivers a particular emotion. Teleporting my mind to a far away place. A deep breathe, a gulp of beer. Butterflies gather within me. Where does this push come from? I am blinded by its invincible control over my mind, it seizes me. Guides me. Leads me back to the dance floor where an erupting array of rhythms and resonance await me. BOOM! It’s back. Our bodies collectively freak out, once again!

My style? No names or labels put on it. It’s brimming with MUSIC, emotions, not only a collection of beats and noises. It is founded for and by the love of DANCE. It arises out of limitless artistic inspirations. It’s oscillating between Tech House, Electronica and Techno, bunched in a stunning live performance. I’m constantly searching for the anomalous, striving to deliver euphoric bliss. This is NOT a night of glamour nor uniform. It’s not faceless and cannot be foreseen. This is a performance of energy. It is creation, calling to you, here and now. This is LIVE.

Soundcloud ::: https://soundcloud.com/alec-troniq
Facebook ::: https://www.facebook.com/alectroniq.ipolymusic?fref=ts
Facebook ::: https://www.facebook.com/gabrielvitel.music?fref=ts
Youtube ::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68TvkAFAA4o